Provided by: fai-server_5.0.3ubuntu1_all bug


       fai-monitor - fai monitor daemon




       fai-monitor receives messages from all install clients on port 4711 and
       prints them to stdout.


       -p  port
              Define port to listen on. Default is port 4711.

       -b     Call fai-chboot for the install client if the task  install  was
              finished properly. Default is not to call fai-chboot.

       -i     Use  IP address of connecting host when calling fai-chboot. This
              can only be used if the host has the same IP while installing as
              when running.

       -l FILE
              Logfile.   Default  is  standard  out  in  non-daemon  mode  and
              "/var/log/fai-monitor.log" in daemon mode.

       -t TIMEOUT
              Timeout for bad clients. 0 to disable.

       -d     Daemon mode.

       -P FILE
              PID-file. Default is "/var/run/".  Used  only  if
              starting in daemon mode.

       -T     Print timestamps in the log.


       Normally,  the  output  will  be  piped to fai-monitor-gui, a GUI which
       displays all information.

       fai-monitor reads variables from /var/log/fai/variables (key=value pair
       format)  and  replies  to request from clients if they have the format:
       VARIABLE  <VARNAME>.  For  e.g.  if   the   clients   sends   "VARIABLE
       FAI_VERSION",  fai-monitor  will  reply  with  OK and the value of this
       variable (e.g. "OK 4.5.6") if this variable is  defined,  otherwise  it
       will   reply  with  UNKNOW  and  repeats  the  VARNAME  (e.g.  "UNKNOWN


       This program is part of FAI (Fully Automatic  Installation).   See  the
       FAI  manual  for  more  information on how to use fai-monitor.  The FAI
       homepage is


       Thomas Lange <>