Provided by: fakepop_11_amd64 bug


       fakepop - a fake pop3 daemon




       fakepop  is  a fake pop3 daemon. It returns always the same messages to all users, it does
       not care about usernames and passwords. All user/pass combinations are accepted.
       The main purpose of fakepop is to advice users that your server only accepts pop3-ssl  and
       they have wrongly configured pop3 without ssl. You can customize messages in /etc/fakepop/
       directory to teach your users how they should configure their mail clients to use pop3-ssl
       instead of pop3.
       You can also use it to: advice users that the server is under maintenance; teach the users
       how to configure the mail client to use another new server; or any  other  usage  you  can
       imagine :-)


       This program discards any command line option.


       You  can  put all the messages you want to deliver to the users that connect to fakepop at
       /etc/fakepop/ for more information see /usr/share/doc/fakepop/examples/


       fakepop was written by Pedro Zorzenon Neto <>.

                                           2004 Dec 01                                 FAKEPOP(8)