Provided by: mgetty-fax_1.1.36-2.1_i386 bug


       faxq-helper - privileged helper process to access the fax queue


       faxq-helper <command> [<options>]


       faxq-helper is part of the internal workings of faxspool(1).

       Formerly,  the  /var/spool/fax/outgoing  directory was world-writeable,
       leading to all sort of funny symlink attacks  against  faxspool(1)  and

       These  days,  it's  owned  by the user ``uucp'', and only this user can
       write to it.  To be able to put jobs  there,  faxspool(1)  calls  faxq-
       helper for very clearly defined purposes:

        - make a new queue directory

        - put a new fax G3 file into this queue directory

        - put a JOB file into this queue directory, and activate the fax job

       and possibly:

        -  remove a fax job from the queue (to be used by faxrm and in case of

        - re-queue a job that has been  suspended  due  to  repeated  failures
       (faxq -r)

       To  achieve  this,  faxq-helper  is installed set-user-id uucp.  If you
       remove the suid bit, or chown the fax queue directory  to  a  different
       user, it will stop working.


       faxq-helper has the following exit() values:

       0      everything went fine

       1      invalid JOB ID specified on the command line

       2      some problem with the directory setup of the outgoing queue dir,
              /var/spool/fax/outgoing (it will print a detailed error message)

       3      some problems with the user ID setup of the  ``uucp''  user  (it
              will print a detailed error message)

       10     failure  to  process  the  specified  command  (it  will print a
              detailed error message)


       faxspool(1), faxq(1), faxrm(1), faxqueue(5)


       faxq-helper   is   Copyright   (C)   2004-2006   by    Gert    Doering,