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       fipvlan - Fibre Channel over Ethernet VLAN Discovery


       fipvlan     [-c|--create]    [-d|--debug]    [-s|--start]    [-m|--mode
       fabric|vn2vn] [-u|--link-up] interfaces

       fipvlan -a|--auto [-c|--create]  [-d|--debug]  [-s|--start]  [-m|--mode
       fabric|vn2vn] [-l|--link-retry count] [-u|--link-up]

       fipvlan -h|--help

       fipvlan -v|--version


       The  fipvlan  command  performs  Fibre  Channel  over  Ethernet  (FCoE)
       Initialization Protocol (FIP) VLAN Discovery over Ethernet  interfaces.
       fipvlan  can be used as a diagnostic tool to determine which VLANs have
       FCoE services  available  on  a  network,  prior  to  configuring  VLAN
       interfaces  and  the  Open-FCoE  initiator. fipvlan can also be used to
       create VLAN interfaces  as  they  are  discovered,  and  to  start  the
       Open-FCoE  initiator.  The  --create  and --start options are primarily
       intended to be used  as  part  of  an  Open-FCoE  boot  solution.  FCoE
       instances started in this way cannot be destroyed or reset by fcoeadm.

       fipvlan  takes  a  list  of  network  interface  names  to run the VLAN
       discovery protocol over, or the --auto  option  to  use  all  available
       Ethernet interfaces.

       fipvlan  will  enable  any  interface  which  is  found disabled. If no
       response is received on that interface it will be shutdown  again  when
       fipvlan terminates.


       -a, --auto
           Use all Ethernet interfaces currently available

       -c, --create
           Create  network  interfaces  for  discovered  FCoE VLANs. If a VLAN
           device already exists for a discovered VLAN, a new VLAN device will
           not be created.

       -d, --debug
           Enable debugging output

       -s, --start
           Start the Open-FCoE initiator on discovered FCoE VLANs

       -m, --mode
           fabric|vn2vn  Specify  whether  VLAN  discovery is performed in the
           default fabric mode, or in VN2VN mode.

       -f, --suffix suffix
           Append the specified string suffix to VLAN interface names.

       -l, --link-retry count
           Retry check for link up to count times. The link state  is  checked
           every 1000 ms. The default number of retries is 20.

       -u, --link-up
           Leave link up if a FIP response has been received.

       -h, --help
           Display a help message with basic usage instructions

       -v, --version
           Display the fipvlan version string


       If  a new VLAN device is created, it will have the name dev.vlan; where
       dev is the  name  of  the  Ethernet  parent  device  and  vlan  is  the
       discovered  VLAN  ID number. An optional suffix may be appended to this
       with the the -f command line option.


       Display all discoverable VLANs with FCoE services

           fipvlan --auto

       Discover FCoE VLANs on interface eth2, create VLAN  devices  and  start
       the Open-FCoE initiator

           fipvlan --create --start eth2

       In  this example if FCoE services were available on VLAN 101 of network
       interface eth2, then a VLAN interface eth2.101  would  be  created  and
       used as the parent device for the initiator.


       fcoeadm(8) fcoemon(8)


       fipvlan  is  part  of  the  fcoe-utils  package, maintained through the
       Open-FCoE project. Resources for both developers and users can be found
       at the Open-FCoE website