Provided by: flashcache-utils_3.1.3+git20150701-2ubuntu2_i386 bug


       flashstat - Display flashcache statistic information


       The  purpose  of  the  flashstat  command  is  to  periodically display
       flashcache statistic information


       flashstat [-h] [-i <time Interval>] [-C <count>] [-d <device>] [-n]


       -h, --help
              Print help info

       -i, --interval
              Time(second) interval, the default value is 1s

       -C, --count
              Display times

       -d, --device
              Flashcache device, the default device is /dev/mapper/cachedev

       -n, --nocolor
              No color mode


       read/s - reads per second for cachedev

       write/s - writes per second for cachedev

       diskr/s - disk reads per second

       diskw/s - disk writes per second

       ssdr/s - ssd reads per second

       ssdw/s - ssd writes per second

       uread/s - uncached reads per second

       uwrit/s - uncached writes per second

       metaw/s - metadata ssd writes per second

       clean/s - cleanings per second

       repl/s - replacement per second

       wrepl/s - write replacement per second

       hit% - read hit percent(current hit%|total hit%)

       whit% - write hit percent(current whit%|total whit%)

       dwhit% - dirty write hit percent(current dwhit%|total dwhit%)


       README and other documents in /usr/share/doc/flashcache-utils

       The flashcache source code and all documentation may be downloaded from


       Flashstat is developed by NinGoo <>

       This man page was written by Liang Guo <> for Debian
       GNU/Linux (but may be used by others).