Provided by: forked-daapd_23.3-1_i386 bug


       mt-daapd - RSP & iTunes-compatible DAAP server


       forked-daapd [options]


       forked-daapd  is  an  RSP  (Roku  Streaming Protocol) and DAAP (Digital
       Audio Access Protocol) server.  It  allows  you  to  share  your  music
       collection  over  the  local  network  using  the  RSP protocol used by
       devices from Roku and/or the DAAP protocol also used by Apple's iTunes.


       -d level
              Log level (0-5).

       -D dom,..,dom
              Debug domains; available domains are: config, daap,  db,  httpd,
              main, mdns, misc, rsp, scan, xcode, event.

       -c file
              Use file as the configuration file.

       -P file
              Write PID to file.

       -f     Run in the foreground.

       -b ffid
              ffid to be broadcast in mDNS records.

       -v     Display version information.




       forked-daapd  was  written  by  Julien  BLACHE  <>  as  a
       fork/rewrite  of  mt-daapd.  mt-daapd  was   written   by   Ron   Pedde

       This manual page was written by Rogério Brito <> and
       Julien BLACHE <> for the Debian project (but  may  be
       used by others).