Provided by: gap-scscp_2.1.4+ds-1_all bug


       gapd - GAP Daemon


       gapd      [-h      HOST|-a|-l|-u]     [-p     PORT]     [-t     [MODE]]
       [--infolevel[-scscp|-master] LEVEL] [--help] [--version]


       GAP Daemon - GAP SCSCP server daemon


       -h HOST
              Start at host HOST: HOST may be given as machine  name  with  or
              without  domain  or  as  'localhost'  (see  option  -l  for that

       -a     Set server address to the one given by hostname(1).

       -l     Start at localhost: reject  incoming  any  connection  from  the

       -u     Start in `universal' mode: accept all incoming connections.

       -p PORT
              Set    server    port    to    PORT,   default   port   set   in

       -t MODE
              Redirect the server session output according  to  the  following
              MODEs:   MODE=no   sink   the  output  to  `/dev/null'  (default
              behaviour);     MODE=log     redirect     the     output      to
              `/var/log/gapd/gapd.log';  MODE=yes  redirect  the  output  to a
              temporary  file,  which  name  is  displayed  (and  printed   to
              `/var/log/gapd/gapd.log'  for  granted users); the implicit mode
              is MODE=yes for backward compatibility.

       --infolevel-scscp LEVEL
              Set the GAP InfoLevel for SCSCP to LEVEL.

       --infolevel-master LEVEL
              Set the GAP InfoLevel for MasterWorker to LEVEL.

       --infolevel LEVEL
              Indiscriminately set the GAP InfoLevel_s to LEVEL.

       --help Print this help text and exit.

              Output version information and exit.


       Alexander Konovalov and Steve Linton.  The GAP Daemon script  gapd  was
       slightly  improved with backward compatibility and documented hereby by
       Jerome Benoit on behalf of the Debian Science Team (August 2014).


              This file is the GAP SCSCP server configuration file  on  Debian
              system:  it loads all necessary packages, reads all needed code,
              installs all procedures which will be exposed to the client  and
              finally starts the SCSCP server itself.

              This  file  sets  the default parameters needed by the GAP SCSCP
              package; it is fully commented.

              This directory is meant to be the  default  location  on  Debian
              system  for  all systemwide configuration material needed by the
              GAP SCSCP server and any GAP SCSCP client.


       Copyright © 2007-2014 by Alexander Konovalov and Steve Linton

       GAP SCSCP package is free software;  you  can  redistribute  it  and/or
       modify  it  under  the  terms  of  the  GNU  General  Public License as
       published by the Free Software Foundation;  either  version  2  of  the
       License, or (at your option) any later version.


       gap(1), hostname(1)

       The  complete  manual  for  the  GAP  SCSCP  package  is  available  at
       /usr/share/gap/pkg/scscp/doc or via the GAP online help system.