Provided by: policycoreutils_2.3-1_i386 bug


       genhomedircon - generate SELinux file context configuration entries for
       user home directories


       genhomedircon is  a  script  that  executes  semodule  to  rebuild  the
       currently  active  SELinux  policy (without reloading it) and to create
       the labels for each  user  home  directory  based  on  directory  paths
       returned by calls to getpwent().

       The latter functionality depends on the "usepasswd" parameter being set
       to "true" (default) in /etc/selinux/semanage.conf.

       This script is usually  executed  by  semanage  although  this  default
       behavior  can be optionally modified by setting to "true" the "disable-
       genhomedircon" in /etc/selinux/semanage.conf.


       This manual page was written by Dan Walsh <>


       semanage.conf(5), semodule(8), semanage(8), getpwent(3), getpwent_r(3)