Provided by: icu-devtools_55.1-7_i386 bug


       gennorm2 - Builds binary data file with Unicode normalization data.


       gennorm2 [ -h, -?, --help ] [ -V, --version ] [ -c, --copyright ] [ -v,
       --verbose ] [ -u, --unicode unicode-version-number ] [ -s,  --sourcedir
       source-directory ] [ -o, --output output-filename ] --fast


       gennorm2  reads text files that define Unicode normalization, them, and
       builds a binary data file.


       -h, -?, --help
              Print help about usage and exit.

       -V, --version
              Print the version of gennorm2 and exit.

       -c, --copyright
              Include a copyright notice.

       -v, --verbose
              Display extra informative messages during execution.

       -u, --unicode
              Specify Unicode version number, such as 5.2.0.

       -s, --sourcedir source-directory
              Specify the input directory.

       -s, --sourcedir source-directory
              Set the name of the output file.

       --fast optimize the .nrm  file  for  fast  normalization,  which  might
              increase  its  size   (Writes  fully decomposed regular mappings
              instead of delta mappings.  You should measure the runtime speed
              to make sure that this is a good trade-off.)


       Copyright (C) 2009-2010 International Business Machines Corporation and