Provided by: globus-gram-audit_4.4-2_all bug


       globus-gram-audit - Load GRAM4 and GRAM5 audit records into a database


       globus-gram-audit [--conf CONFIG_FILE] [[--create] | [--update=OLD-VERSION]] [--check]
                         [--delete] [--audit-directory AUDITDIR] [--quiet]


       The globus-gram-audit program loads audit records to an SQL-based database. It reads
       $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/globus-job-manager.conf by default to determine the audit directory
       and then uploads all files in that directory that contain valid audit records to the
       database configured by the globus_gram_job_manager_auditing_setup_scripts package. If the
       upload completes successfully, the audit files will be removed.

       The full set of command-line options to globus-gram-audit consist of:

       --conf CONFIG_FILE
                               Use CONFIG_FILE instead of the
                               default from the configuration
                               file for audit database
                               Check whether the insertion of a
                               record was successful by
                               querying the database after
                               inserting the records. This is
                               used in tests.
       --delete                Delete audit records from the
                               database right after inserting
                               them. This is used in tests to
                               avoid filling the databse with
                               test records.
       --audit-directory DIR   Look for audit records in DIR,
                               instead of looking in the
                               directory specified in the job
                               manager configuration. This is
                               used in tests to control which
                               records are loaded to the
                               database and then deleted.
       --query SQL             Perform the given SQL query on
                               the audit database. This uses
                               the database information from
                               the configuration file to
                               determine how to contact the
       --quiet                 Reduce the amount of output for
                               common operations.


       The globus-gram-audit uses the following files (paths relative to $GLOBUS_LOCATION.

                                          GRAM5 job manager configuration.
                                          It includes the default path to
                                          the audit directory
                                          Audit configuration. It includes
                                          the information needed to
                                          contact the audit database.