Provided by: globus-gram-job-manager_14.27-2_amd64 bug


       globus-rvf-edit - Edit a GRAM5 RSL validation file


       globus-rvf-edit [-h]

       globus-rvf-edit [[-s] | [-l LRM] | [-f PATH]]


       The globus-rvf-edit command is a utility which opens the default editor on a specified RSL
       validation file, and then, when editing completes, runs the globus-rvf-check command to
       verify that the RVF file syntax is correct. If a parse error occurs, the user will be
       given an option to rerun the editor or discard the modifications.

       The full set of command-line options to globus-rvf-edit consists of:

           Print command-line option summary and exit

           Edit of the site-specific RVF file, which provides override values applicable to all
           LRMs installed on the system.

       -l LRM
           Edit the site-specific LRM overrides for the LRM named by the LRM parameter to the

       -f PATH
           Edit the RVF file located at PATH