Provided by: gnumed-server_20.10-1_all bug


       gm-fingerprint_db - GNUmed server fingerprint database


       gm-fingerprint_db <target database> <gm-dbo password> [--with-dump]

       <target database>: a GNUmed database (such as "gnumed_VERSION")

       <gm-dbo password> the password for the databse owner <gm-dbo>

       [--with-dump]  if  this  option  is given a dump of the database schema
       structure will be included created by:

            SELECT gm.concat_table_structure();


       The gm-fingerprint_db script  can  be  used  to  fingerprint  a  GNUmed
       database  in order to aid identifying particular databases or verifying
       database transfers (not upgrades).

       The fingerprint of the database is written to the file

            gm_db-<target database>-fingerprint.log

       in the current directory.


       Fingerprint the database gnumed_v20:

            gm-fingerprint_db gnumed_v20 secret-password

       Include a database schema structure dump:

            gm-fingerprint_db gnumed_v20 secret-password --with-dump


       This    manual    page    was    written     by     Karsten     Hilbert

GNUmed server fingerprint databas2011 Oct 22nd            GM-FINGERPRINT_DB(8)