Provided by: hugepages_2.19-0ubuntu1_i386 bug


       hugeedit - Set default policy for backing text and data with hugepages


       hugeedit binary
       hugeedit [options] binary


       hugectl  runs  processes  with  a  specific  policy  for backing memory
       regions with hugepages. Ordinarily when  processes  are  relinked  with
       libhugetlbfs  using  the  recommended linking method, either hugectl is
       required on each execution or environment variables  must  be  set  for
       each execution. hugeedit can be used to set bits in the ELF header that
       determine if the text or data segments are backed  by  default  without
       further intervention.

       If  no  arguments are specified, hugeedit will display what the current
       defaults for each segment in a binary are. The available options are

       --text Back the text segments of the binary by default.

       --data Back the data segments of the binary by default

              Back all segments using small pages by default


       oprofile(1), libhugetlbfs(7), hugectl(8)


       libhugetlbfs was written by various people  on  the  libhugetlbfs-devel
       mailing list.

                                October 8, 2008                    HUGEEDIT(8)