Provided by: linuxptp_1.6-1_i386 bug


       hwstamp_ctl - set time stamping policy at the driver level


       hwstamp_ctl -i interface [ -r rx-filter ] [ -t tx-type ] [ -v ]


       hwstamp_ctl is a program used to set and get the hardware time stamping
       policy at the network driver level  with  the  SIOCSHWTSTAMP  ioctl(2).
       The  tx-type  and  rx-filter  values are hints to the driver what it is
       expected to do. If the requested fine-grained  filtering  for  incoming
       packets  is not supported, the driver may time stamp more than just the
       requested types of packets.

       If neither tx-type nor rx-filter values are passed to the  program,  it
       will  use  the  SIOCGHWTSTAMP  ioctl(2)  to  non-destructively read the
       current hardware time stamping policy.

       This program is a debugging tool. The ptp4l(8) program  does  not  need
       this  program  to  function,  it  will  set the policy automatically as


       -i interface
              Specify the network interface of  which  the  policy  should  be

       -r rx-filter
              Specify  which types of incoming packets should be time stamped,
              rx-filter is an integer value.

       -t tx-type
              Enable or disable hardware time stamping for  outgoing  packets,
              tx-type is an integer value.

       -h     Display a help message and list of possible values for rx-filter
              and tx-type.

       -v     Prints the software version and exits.


       ioctl(2), ptp4l(8)