Provided by: idecrypt_3.0.19.ds1-7_amd64 bug


       idecrypt - Encrypted IDENT response decryption utility


       idecrypt [file]...


       Idecrypt  decrypts  authentication  tokens  returned  by an identd(8) server that supports
       encryption.  The tokens can be  supplied  in  file,  or  from  the  standard  input.   The
       decrypted tokens are displayed on the standard output.

       This  program  will  attempt  to  decrypt a token with all the keys stored in the key file
       until it succeeds (or have tried all the keys).


              If compiled with DES encryption enabled, the 1024 first bytes of this file is  used
              to specify the secret key for encrypting replies.


       The  daemon  is  free  software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it as you wish - as
       long as you don't claim that you wrote it.

       The source code for the latest version of the daemon can always be FTP'd from one  of  the
       following addresses:

       Main site:


       The author can be contacted at:

       Email:      Peter Eriksson <>


       identd(8) , ikeygen(8)

                                           28 Apr 2000                                idecrypt(8)