Provided by: ipmiutil_2.9.7-1_i386 bug


       ipmiutil_discover - discover IPMI LAN-enabled nodes


       idiscover [-abegisx]


       idiscover  is  a  program  that  uses IPMI LAN commands to discover any
       nodes on the LAN that are available, by probing the  RMCP  port  (623.)
       on  those  nodes.   This  utility uses IPMI LAN, so no IPMI drivers are
       needed.  There are three methods that can be used:
       -a   = broadcast RMCP ping method (default)
       -g   = GetChannelAuthCap command method
       else = specific RMCP ping method

       A beginning IP address can be  specified  with  -b  for  broadcast  and
       specific  methods.  An  ending  IP  can  be specified for non-broadcast


       Command line options are described below.

       -a     All nodes, use the broadcast ping method.  This is  the  default
              if no options are specified.  This will detect the first enabled
              ethernet  interface,  and  defaults  to  the  broadcast  address
              x.x.x.255  (where  x.x.x.x  is  IP address) unless -b is used to
              specify otherwise.

       -b <ip>
              Beginning IP address,  required,  unless  using  broadcast  with
              defaults.   This  could be a specific IP address, or a broadcast
              address, ending in 255, if the broadcast method (-a) is used.

       -e <ip>
              Endign IP address of the range.  Not used for broadcast  method.
              If this is not specified, a range of one IP address matching the
              beginning IP is assumed.

       -g     Use the GetChannelAuthenticationCapabilities command method over
              IPMI  LAN  instead  of  the  RMCP  ping.   Not  compatible  with
              broadcast.  This may be  useful  if  the  vendor  BMC  does  not
              support RMCP ping for some reason.

       -i eth0
              The  interface name to use when sending the probes.  The default
              is to detect the first enabled ethernet interface (e.g. eth0).

       -m     shows MAC address.  Uses the broadcast ping method, but  uses  a
              raw  socket  so  that  the  MAC  address  can be displayed. This
              detects the first enabled ethernet interface,  and  defaults  to
              the  broadcast  address like -a.  Using -m with
              raw sockets requires root privilege.

       -r N   Repeat the ping N times to each node.  Default is to send 1 ping
              per node.

       -x     Causes extra debug messages to be displayed.


           idiscover -a -b
       Sends a broadcast RMCP ping to discover IPMI LAN nodes on the specified

           idiscover -b -e
       Sends RMCP pings to a range of IP addresses.

           idiscover -g -b -e
       Sends GetChannelAuthCap commands to a range of IP addresses.


       ipmiutil(8)   ialarms(8)   iconfig(8)   icmd(8)   ievents(8)    ifru(8)
       igetevent(8) ihealth(8) ilan(8) ireset(8) isel(8) isensor(8) iserial(8)
       isol(8) iwdt(8)


       See for the latest version of ipmiutil
       and any bug fix list.


       Copyright (C) 2009  Kontron America, Inc.

       See  the  file  COPYING  in the distribution for more details regarding

       This utility is distributed in the hope that it  will  be  useful,  but


       Andy Cress <arcress at>

                           Version 1.0: 02 May 2007               IDISCOVER(8)