Provided by: iscsitarget_1.4.20.3+svn502-2ubuntu4_amd64 bug


       ietd - iSCSI Enterprise Target Daemon


       ietd [-c configfile] [-d debuglevel] [-f] [-g GID] [-h] [-a address] [-p port] [-u UID]


       The  ietd  program  implements the user level part of iSCSI Enterprise Target software for
       building an iSCSI storage system on Linux.


       -c filename, --config=filename
              Specify configuration file, default is /etc/ietd.conf

       -d debuglevel, --debug=debuglevel
              Turns on debugging. Logging goes to /var/log/syslog via syslog(1).

       -f, --foreground
              Act as a normal application which uses a console.

       -g GID, --gid=GID
              Specify running group id, default is current gid.

       -a address, --address=address
              Specify on which local address the server should listen, default is any.

       -p port, --port=port
              Specify on which port the server should listen, default is 3260.

       -h, --help
              Display help message on command line options.

       -u UID, --uid=UID
              Specify running user id, default is current uid.


              The system wide configuration file. See  ietd.conf(5) for further details.


       This may be logged to stderr:


       "Dropping key (%s=%s)"
              Value(s): key, value

       "unable to set fd flags (%s)!"
              Value(s): strerror(errno)

       "unable to get fd flags (%s)!"
              Value(s): strerror(errno)

       "unable to set SO_REUSEADDR on server socket (%s)!"
              Value(s): strerror(errno)

       "iscsi_ctrl: failed to scan '%s'"
              Value(s): p

       "target %u not found?"
              Value(s): target_id

       "session %#Lx not found?"
              Value(s): session_id

       "session_remove: session %#Lx not found?"
              Value(s): session->sid.id64

       "need to shutdown target %s"
              Value(s): target->name


       "unable to create server socket (%s)!"
              Value(s): strerror(errno)

       "unable to bind server socket (%s)!"
              Value(s): strerror(errno)

       "unable to listen to server socket (%s)!"
              Value(s): strerror(errno)

       "error reading /proc/iscsi/iscsi (%d)"
              Value(s): errno

       "unable to create pid file"

       "starting daemon failed"

       "unable to lock pid file"

       "unable to open %s! (%s)"
              Value(s): PROC_DEVICEDIR, strerror(errno)

       "unable to open %s! (%s)"
              Value(s): PROC_TARGETDIR, strerror(errno)

       Debug Messages Level 0

       "unknown user %s"
              Value(s): value

       "login by %s failed"
              Value(s): user->name

       "succesfull login by %s"
              Value(s): user->name

       "connection request from %s"
              Value(s): inet_ntoa(name.sin_addr)

       "connection closed"

       "lun %u:%u already configured"
              Value(s): target->id, tlun->lun

       Debug Messages Level 1

       "conn_take_fd: %u %u %u %Lx %d"
              Value(s): conn->cid, conn->stat_sn, conn->exp_stat_sn, conn->sid.id64, fd

       "exp_cmd_sn: %d,%d"
              Value(s): conn->exp_cmd_sn, req->cmd_sn

       "Login request (security negotiation): %d"
              Value(s): conn->state

       "Login request (operational negotiation): %d"
              Value(s): conn->state

       "Text request: %d"
              Value(s): conn->state

       "close conn %u session %Lx target %u"
              Value(s): conn_id, session_id, target_id

       "session_find_name: %s,%#Lx"
              Value(s): iname, sid.id64

       "session_find_id: %#Lx"
              Value(s): sid

       "session_create: %#Lx"
              Value(s): session->sid.id64

       "session_close: %#Lx"
              Value(s): session->sid.id64

       "session_remove: %#Lx"
              Value(s): session->sid.id64

       "active target %d: %s"
              Value(s): id, name

       "removing target %d"
              Value(s): id

       "creaing target %u: %s"
              Value(s): target_next_id, p

       "attaching %u to %u:%u"
              Value(s): tlun->device->id, target->id, tlun->lun

       "target_find_name: %s"
              Value(s): name

       "target_find_id: %u"
              Value(s): id

       "target_remove: %u,%s"
              Value(s): target->id, target->name

       Debug Messages Level 2

       "%s %.16s"
              Value(s): line, buf

       "BHS: (%p)"
              Value(s): buf

       "AHS: (%p)"
              Value(s): buf

       "Data: (%p)"
              Value(s): buf


       Task attributes is  incomplete  (all  tasks  are  treated  as  if  they  have  the  SIMPLE

       SCSI task management is incomplete.

       NOP-In is incomplete.

       The target never sends a NOP-In of its own accord.

       Header and Data Digest in a discovery session are not implemented.

       Out-of-memory  situation  leads  to  the  system crash (There are still some out-of-memory