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       ifquery - query network interface configuration


          ifquery [-v] [--allow CLASS] [--with-depends] -a|IFACE...

          ifquery [-v] [-r|--running] [--allow CLASS] [--with-depends] -a|IFACE...

          ifquery [-v] [-c|--check] [--allow CLASS] [--with-depends] -a|IFACE...

          ifquery   [-v]  [-p|--print-dependency  {list,dot}]  [--allow  CLASS]  [--with-depends]

          ifquery [-v] -s|--syntax-help


          ifquery can be used to parse interface configuration file, query running state or check
          running state of the interface with configuration in /etc/network/interfaces file.

          ifquery  always  works on the current interfaces(5) file /etc/network/interfaces unless
          an alternate interfaces file is provided with the -i option.


          positional arguments:

          IFACE   interface list separated by spaces. IFACE list and '-a' argument  are  mutually

          optional arguments:

          -h, --help
                 show this help message and exit

          -a, --all
                 process all interfaces marked "auto"

          -v, --verbose

          -d, --debug
                 output debug info

          --allow CLASS
                 ignore non-"allow-CLASS" interfaces

          -w, --with-depends
                 run  with  all  dependent  interfaces.  This  option  is  redundant  when  -a is
                 specified. When '-a' is specified, interfaces are always executed in  dependency

          -X EXCLUDEPATS, --exclude EXCLUDEPATS
                 Exclude  interfaces  from the list of interfaces to operate on. Can be specified
                 multiple times

          -i INTERFACESFILE, --interfaces INTERFACESFILE
                 Use interfaces file instead of default /etc/network/interfaces

          -t {native,json}, --interfaces-format {native,json}
                 interfaces file format

          -r, --running
                 print raw interfaces file entries

          -c, --check
                 check interface file contents against running state  of  an  interface.  Returns
                 exit code 0 on success and 1 on error

          -x, --raw
                 print raw config file entries

          -o {native,json}, --format {native,json}
                 interface display format

          -p, --print-dependency {list,dot}
                 print iface dependency in list or dot format

          -s, --syntax-help
                 print  supported  interface  config  syntax.  Scans  all addon modules and dumps
                 supported syntax from them if provided by the module.


          # dump all or some interfaces config  file  entries  #  (pretty  prints  user  provided
              ifquery -a

              ifquery br0

          # Same as above but dump with dependencies
              ifquery br0 --with-depends

          # Check running state with the config in /etc/network/interfaces
              ifquery --check br0

              ifquery --check --with-depends br0

              ifquery --check -a

          # dump running state of all interfaces in /etc/network/interfaces format
              ifquery --running br0

              ifquery --running --with-depends br0

              ifquery --running -a

          # print dependency info in list format
              ifquery --print-dependency=list -a

              ifquery --print-dependency=list  br2000

          # print dependency info in dot format
              ifquery --print-dependency=dot -a

              ifquery --print-dependency=dot br2000

          # Create an image (png) from the dot format
              ifquery --print-dependency=dot -a >

              dot -Tpng > interfaces.png

              (The above command only works on a system with dot installed)


          ifquery --check is currently experimental

          ifquery  --check  cannot validate usercommands given under pre-up, post-up etc There is
          currently no support to check/validate ethtool iface attributes


          ifup(8), ifdown(8), ifreload(8), interfaces(5), ifupdown-addons-interfaces(5)


       Roopa Prabhu <>


       Copyright 2014 Cumulus Networks, Inc.  All rights reserved.