Provided by: jabber-irc_0.4cvs20080505-1.1_all bug


       jabberd-irc - IRC gateway for jabber server




       jabberd-irc is written in python language and provides jabber server with ability to route
       messages to IRC rooms mapping them onto jabber world as MUC conferences.

       You can find more info on jabber-irc at


       The jabberd-irc is not taking any options at  command  line.   You  can  configure  it  by
       editing the config file: /etc/jabber/jabber-irc.conf


       This  manual  page  was  written by Alexey Nezhdanov for the
       Debian system (but may be used by others).  Permission  is  granted  to  copy,  distribute
       and/or  modify  this document under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 2
       any later version published by the Free Software Foundation.

       On Debian systems, the complete text of the GNU General Public License  can  be  found  in

                                         August 21, 2004                           jabberd-irc(8)