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       kbuildsycoca5 - Rebuilds the KService desktop file system configuration


       kbuildsycoca5 [OPTIONS...]


       kbuildsycoca5 builds binary cache of the data stored in .desktop and
       MIME type .xml files that the KService framework uses to find plugins,
       applications and other services.

       The KService library uses this database to efficiently provide the
       information requested of it.

       Users do not normally need to run this application directly; KService
       will run it if necessary, when any of the files whose data is cached
       are changed.


           Ignores any user-set files (in XDG_DATA_HOME). This is currently
           only supported on Unix systems.

           Rather than using the existing cache and only updating the
           information that has changed or been added, start with an empty
           cache. Ignored if --global is set.

           Ordinarily, kbuildsyscoca5 sends a signal over D-Bus once the cache
           is updated to all the applications that use KService so that they
           are always working with the latest information. This option
           suppresses that behaviour.

           Test the generation of the application menu database. Does not
           actually build the cache.

           Use the QStandardPaths "test mode" to avoid interfering with user
           data. This is intended for use with unit tests.

       --track menu-id
           Track a menu ID for debugging.

           Show author information.

           Show license information.

       -h, --help
           Show a brief help text.

       -v , --version
           Show version information.


           The KService cache generated by kbuildsycoca5. On Unix systems,
           cachedir is typically XDG_CONFIG_HOME


       kded5(8), kdeinit5(8)


       Please use KDE's bugtracker[1] to report bugs.


       Darian Lanx <>
           Wrote the original documentation.

       Alex Merry <>
           Updated the documentation for KDE Frameworks 5.


        1. KDE's bugtracker