Provided by: kea-common_1.0.0-1build1_amd64 bug


       kea-lfc - Lease File Cleanup process in Kea


       kea-lfc [-4|-6] [-c config-file] [-p pid-file] [-x previous-file] [-i copy-file]
               [-o output-file] [-f finish-file] [-v] [-V] [-W] [-d] [-h]


       The kea-lfc service process removes redundant information from the files used to provide
       persistent storage for the memfile data base backend. The service is written to run as a
       stand alone process. While it can be started externally, there is usually no need to do
       this. It will be run on a periodic basis by the Kea DHCP servers.


       The arguments are as follows:

           Verbose mode sets the logging level to debug. This is primarily for development
           purposes in stand-alone mode.

           version causes the version stamp to be printed.

           Version causes a longer form of the version stamp to be printed.

           Display the configuration report.

           Help causes the usage string to be printed.

       -4 | -6
           The protocol version of the lease files, must be one of 4 or 6.

           Configuration file including the configuration for kea-lfc process. It may also
           contain configuration entries for other Kea services. Currently kea-lfc gets all of
           its arguments from the command line, in the future it will be extended to get some
           arguments from the config file.

           PID file - When the kea-lfc process starts it attempts to determine if another
           instance of the process is already running by examining the pid file. If one is
           already running the new process is terminated. If one isn't running it writes its pid
           into the pid file.

           Previous or ex lease file - When kea-lfc starts this is the result of any previous run
           of kea-lfc. When kea-lfc finishes it is the result of this run. If kea-lfc is
           interrupted before completing, this file may not exist.

           Input or copy of lease file - Before the DHCP server invokes kea-lfc it will move the
           current lease file here and then call kea-lfc with this file.

           Output lease file - The temporary file kea-lfc should use to write the leases. Upon
           completion of writing this this file it will be moved to the finish file (see below).

           Finish or completion file - Another temporary file kea-lfc uses for bookkeeping. When
           kea-lfc completes writing the output file it moves it to this file name. After kea-lfc
           finishes deleting the other files (previous and input) it moves this file to previous
           lease file. By moving the files in this fashion the kea-lfc and the DHCP server
           processes can determine the correct file to use even if one of the processes was
           interrupted before completing its task.


       The kea-lfc process was first coded in January 2015 by the ISC Kea/DHCP team.


       Copyright © 2015 Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. ("ISC")