Provided by: knot_2.1.1-1build1_amd64 bug


       knotc - Knot DNS control utility


       knotc [parameters] action [action_args]


       -c, --config file
              Use a textual configuration file (default is @config_dir@/knot.conf).

       -C, --confdb directory
              Use  a  binary  configuration database directory (default is @storage_dir@/confdb).
              The default configuration database, if exists, has  a  preference  to  the  default
              configuration file.

       -s, --socket path
              Use a remote control UNIX socket path (default is @run_dir@/knot.sock).

       -f, --force
              Forced operation. Overrides some checks.

       -v, --verbose
              Enable debug output.

       -h, --help
              Print the program help.

       -V, --version
              Print the program version.

       status Check if the server is running.

       stop   Stop the server if running.

       reload Reload the server configuration and modified zone files.

       zone-check [zone...]
              Test  if  the  server can load the zone. Semantic checks are executed if enabled in
              the configuration. (*)

       zone-memstats [zone...]
              Estimate memory use for the zone. (*)

       zone-status [zone...]
              Show the zone status. (*)

       zone-reload [zone...]
              Trigger a zone reload from a disk without checking its modification time. For slave
              zone,  the  refresh  from  a  master  server  is  scheduled;  for  master zone, the
              notification of slave servers is scheduled.

       zone-refresh [zone...]
              Trigger a check for the zone serial on the zone's master. If the master has a newer
              zone, a transfer is scheduled. This command is valid for slave zones.

       zone-retransfer [zone...]
              Trigger a zone transfer from the zone's master. The server doesn't check the serial
              of the master's zone. This command is valid for slave zones.

       zone-flush [zone...]
              Trigger a zone journal flush into the zone file.

       zone-sign [zone...]
              Trigger a DNSSEC re-sign of the zone. Existing signatures will  be  dropped.   This
              command is valid for zones with automatic DNSSEC signing.

              Initialize the configuration database. (*)

              Check the server configuration. (*)

       conf-import filename
              Import  a  configuration file into the configuration database. Ensure the server is
              not using the configuration database! (*)

       conf-export filename
              Export the configuration database into a config file. (*)

       conf-list [item]
              List the configuration database sections or section items.

       conf-read [item]
              Read the item from the active configuration database.

              Begin a writing configuration database transaction. Only  one  transaction  can  be
              opened at a time.

              Commit the configuration database transaction.

              Rollback the configuration database transaction.

       conf-diff [item]
              Get the item difference in the transaction.

       conf-get [item]
              Get the item data from the transaction.

       conf-set item [data...]
              Set the item data in the transaction.

       conf-unset [item] [data...]
              Unset the item data in the transaction.


       Empty zone parameter means all zones.

       Type item parameter in the form of section[[id]][.name].

       (*) indicates a local operation which requires a configuration.


   Reload the whole server configuration
          $ knotc reload

   Flush the and zones
          $ knotc zone-flush

   Get the current server configuration
          $ knotc conf-read server

   Get the list of the current zones
          $ knotc conf-read zone.domain

   Get the master remotes for the zone
          $ knotc conf-read 'zone[].master'

   Add zone with a zonefile location
          $ knotc conf-begin
          $ knotc conf-set 'zone[]'
          $ knotc conf-set 'zone[].file' '/var/zones/'
          $ knotc conf-commit


       knotd(8), knot.conf(5).


       CZ.NIC Labs <>


       Copyright 2010–2016, CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o.