Provided by: ladvd_1.1.1~pre1-2_i386 bug


       ladvdc - display link layer advertisements


       ladvdc [ INTERFACE ] [ INTERFACE ] ...


       ladvdc  displays link layer advertisements received by ladvd(8) running
       in receive mode (via -a or -z).  Optionally a list of protocols  and/or
       interfaces   can  be  supplied  to  limit  the  amount  of  information
       displayed. Only users in the ladvd group are allowed to connect to  the


       -b     Print  output  in  a  format  suitable  for  inclusion  in shell

       -d     Dump pcap-compatible packets to stdout which  can  be  piped  to
              tcpdump  (via  "|  tcpdump  -r  -")  or redirected to a file for
              further analysis.

       -f     Print a full decode of each advertisement (not implemented).

       -h     Print usage instructions.

       -o     Only print the first advertisement.

       -p http://domain.tld/script
              Post decoded packets to the supplied url.

       -v     Increase logging verbosity.

       -L     Parse LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol).

       -C     Parse CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol).

       -E     Parse EDP (Extreme Discovery Protocol).

       -F     Parse FDP (Foundry Discovery Protocol).

       -N     Parse NDP (Nortel Discovery Protocol) formerly called  SynOptics
              Network Management Protocol (SONMP).


       Sten Spans <>