Provided by: ax25-tools_0.0.10-rc4-1_amd64 bug


       m6pack - Attach multiples 6PACK interfaces


       m6pack [-l] [-s speed] [-x n_ptmx] [-v] ttyinterface pty ..


       m6pack  allows  multiple 6PACK TNCs sharing the same serial port to be used with the Linux
       AX.25 kernel software. The AX.25 softare has no support for multiple TNCs sharing the same
       serial  line. The different ports are addressed by encoding the port number in the control
       byte of every 6pack frame.  m6pack watches a serial port, and routes 6pack frames  to/from
       the  pseudo  ttys.  The  other  side of the pseudo ttys are then attached with spattach as

       Statistics about the operation of m6pack may be obtained by sending the SIGUSR1 signal  to
       the  running  program. On reception of such a signal m6pack will print a set of statistics
       to the system log if logging has been enabled.

       Although mention is made of using pseudo ttys as the last arguments, these devices may  be
       normal serial ports. However m6pack provides no way in which to set their speed, the speed
       must therefore be set by some other method.


       -l        Enables system logging, the default is off.

       -s speed  Set the speed of the serial port.

       -v        Display the version.

       -x number This option is for Unix98 PTYs. It allocates  "number"  ptys;  their  names  are
                 written to stdout. When -x is used, the pty arguments are optional.


       spattach(8), ifconfig(8), kill(1).


       IƱaki Arenaza EB2EBU <>, based in the work by:
       Tomi Manninen OH2BNS <>
       Jonathan Naylor G4KLX <>
       Kevin Uhlir N0BEL <>