Provided by: socks4-clients_4.3.beta2-19build1_amd64 bug


       make_socksfc -  Generates frozen configuratyion file for SOCKS clients


       make_socksfc [infile [outfile] ]


       make_socksfc reads in a plain-text configuration file for the SOCKS clients and produces a
       frozen configuration file as the output.

       Both arguments are optional. The default for infile is /etc/socks.conf;  the  default  for
       outfile  is  /etc/socks.fc.  You may specify infile while omitting outfile, but you cannot
       specify outfile without also speficying infile.

       The contents of the frozen configuration file is  essentially  the  memory  image  of  the
       parsed  input  file.  Using the frozen configuration file can reduce the start-up delay of
       the SOCKS client programs since they no longer have to parse the file contents.

       When the  SOCKS  client  starts,  it  always  looks  for  the  frozen  configuration  file
       /etc/socks.fc  first  .  If  that  file  is not found, it then tries to use the plain-text
       configuration file /etc/socks.conf. If you use frozen configuration, you must remember  to
       run make_socksfc every time after you modify the plain-text file or the SOCKS clients will
       continue to use the frozen file of a previous configuration.

       To find out the contents of a frozen configuration file, use dump_socksfc.


       /etc/socks.fc, /etc/socks.conf


       dump_socksfc(8), socks.conf(5), socks.fc(5)


       Ying-Da Lee, or

                                           May 6, 1996                            MAKE_SOCKSFC(8)