Provided by: selinux-utils_2.4-3build2_i386 bug


       matchpathcon  -  get  the  default  SELinux  security  context  for the
       specified path from the file contexts configuration


       matchpathcon [-V] [-N]  [-n]  [-m  type]  [-f  file_contexts_file]  [-p
       prefix] [-P policy_root_path] filepath...


       matchpathcon queries the system policy and outputs the default security
       context associated with the filepath.

       Note: Identical paths can have different security  contexts,  depending
       on the file type (regular file, directory, link file, char file ...).

       matchpathcon  will  also  take  the  file  type  into  consideration in
       determining the default security context if the file  exists.   If  the
       file does not exist, no file type matching will occur.


       -m type
              Force  file  type  for  the  lookup.  Valid types are file, dir,
              pipe, chr_file, blk_file, lnk_file, sock_file.

       -n     Do not display path.

       -N     Do not use translations.

       -f file_context_file
              Use alternate file_context file

       -p prefix
              Use prefix to speed translations

       -P policy_root_path
              Use alternate policy root path

       -V     Verify file context on disk matches defaults


       This manual page was written by Dan Walsh <>.


       selinux(8), matchpathcon(3)