Provided by: mimedefang_2.78-1ubuntu1_i386 bug

NAME - Perl script to scan MIME messages.

SYNOPSIS [-f filter] dir

DESCRIPTION is a Perl script designed to work with mimedefang(8).  It
       takes a single argument which is a directory which should contain files
       laid out as described in mimedefang(8).


       -f filter
              Specifies  the  name of the file containing the filter.  If this
              option is omitted, the default filter /etc/mimedefang-filter  is

OPERATION  evaluates  the  file  /etc/mimedefang-filter  as  a Perl
       fragment.  This file should define the filter procedure.  For each part
       of  a MIME message, calls filter and disposes of the part
       as instructed by the filter.  The  various  modes  of  disposition  are
       described in mimedefang-filter(5).


       You  are  strongly recommended to test your filter before installing it
       in /etc/mimedefang-filter.  To test the filter, save it in a file (e.g.
       test-filter) and run this command:

   -f test-filter -test

       This tests the filter for syntactic correctness.  If it passes, you can
       install it as a production filter.  (Note that the test tests only  for
       correct  Perl  syntax;  it doesn't make sure your filter does something


       There are a few other ways to invoke


       prints a list of detected optional  Perl  modules.   The  output  looks
       something like this:

            SpamAssassin: yes


       calls  the  function  filter_validate, if it is defined in your filter.
       filter_validate should return an integer; this becomes the  exit  code.
       If  filter_validate  does  not  exist,  an error message is printed and exits with an exit code of 1.

AUTHOR was written  by  Dianne  Skoll  <>.
       The mimedefang home page is


       mimedefang(8), mimedefang-filter(5), mimedefang-protocol(7)