Provided by: mma_15.12-1_all bug


       mma-libdoc  - maintain mma library files.




       mma-libdoc  updates  and  maintains  the  HTML  documentation  for  the MMA library. It is
       recommended for use by those adding 3rd party files to the lib tree.

       If you have already downloaded  and  installed  MMA,  the  HTML  documentation  should  be
       installed   on   your   system.   The   documentation   for   the   library  files  is  in
       /usr/local/share/mma/docs/html/lib, or a similar location depending on  your  installation
       and system.

       If  you  add  or  modify  the  library files you can simply run mma-libdoc and the library
       documentation will be updated.

       Note: To run this program 'root' privileges may be needed. This
            depends on your installation and operating system.

       When mma-libdoc is run it will check the installation and install or update  the  docs  in
       the root tree where mma is installed.


       Old/unused  HTML  files are NOT deleted. So, if you move files around or delete .mma files
       you can end up with a number of unused files. Just delete the whole bunch  every  once  in
       awhile if it becomes a problem.

       The program assumes that you already have the html documentation installed. So, it doesn't
       do a very good job of creating the complete directory tree. If you find that  you  get  an
       error  right  off  the  top  of  program  you will need to create the directories by hand.
       Assuming you have installed in /usr/local/share/mma a command like:

              mkdir -p /usr/local/share/mma/docs/html/lib

       Depending on how your system is set up you will most likely need to be be  the  root  user
       for any of this to work. If you get "permission" or "access denied" errors, run as root or
       fix the permissions.


       mma(1), mma-renum(1).


       The latest version of this program is always distributed with  MMA  and  is  available  at


       Bob van der Poel <>


       mma-libdoc  is  Copyright 2003-2013 Bob van der Poel. Free use of this software is granted
       under the terms of the GNU General Public License.