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       mod_gridsite - Grid extensions to Apache httpd


       LoadModule gridsite_module


       mod_gridsite  is an Apache 2.0 module which enforces access control via
       Grid  Access  Control  Lists,  and  X.509,  GSI  or  VOMS  credentials.
       mod_gridsite  also  gives  Apache built-in support for the HTTP PUT and
       DELETE methods, and formatting of HTML pages with standard headers  and

       Since   mod_gridsite   access   control   within  Apache  itself,  Grid
       authorization and the associated verified credentials are available  to
       all  technologies  supported  by Apache, including static file serving,
       SSI, CGI, PHP, mod_perl and Java servlets via a connector to Tomcat.

       Operation of mod_gridsite can be configured using runtime directives in
       Apache's  standard httpd.conf configuration file. The module must first
       be loaded with a LoadModule directive:

       LoadModule gridsite_module /PATH/TO/MODULES/

       The module's behaviour is then  controlled  by  GridSite...  directives
       within  Apache <Directory ...> sections, allowing different directories
       to use GridSite features in different ways.


       GridSiteIndexes on|off
              Determines whether GridSite generates HTML  directory  listings.
              These  have  some  advantages  over  standard  Apache  directory
              listings (eg the displayed filenames are  never  truncated)  and
              will  include standard headers and footers if GridSiteHtmlFormat
              is on.  (Default: GridSiteIndexes off)

       GridSiteIndexHeader file
              If the named file is found in the directory  being  listed,  the
              file is included verbatim at the top of the listing and excluded
              from the file-by-file listing. The file can either  be  HTML  or
              plain  text (in which case browsers will be treat it as one HTML
              paragraph.)  (Default: none)

       GridSiteHtmlFormat on|off
              Determines where HTML pages receive additional formatting before
              being  sent  to  the  client. This includes the "Last modified",
              "View page history",  "Switch  to  HTTP(S)",  "Print  View"  and
              "Built  with  GridSite"  footer  elements.  If header and footer
              files  are  found,   they   will   be   used   too.    (Default:
              GridSiteHtmlFormat off)

       GridSiteHeadFile file

       GridSiteFootFile file
              Set the filenames to be used for as standard headers and footers
              for HTML pages. If the file name begins with "/"  then  this  is
              used  as  the  absolute path to that file to be used. Otherwise,
              for each HTML page, the directory of that page is  tried  first,
              and  then parent directories in ascending order until a header /
              footer file is found. Header files are inserted in place of HTML
              <body[  ...]>  tags;  footer  files  in place of </body>. (These
              standard files should each include the appropriate body tag as a
              replacement.)    (Defaults:  GridSiteHeadFile  gridsitehead.txt,
              GridSiteFootFile gridsitefoot.txt)

       GridSiteAuth on|off
              Enables GridSite access control features, using GACL files.  The
              files  are  named  .gacl  and  are  per-directory.  The  current
              directory is tried and  then  parent  directories  in  ascending
              order until a .gacl file is found.  (Default: GridSiteAuth off)

       GridSiteAutoPasscode on|off
              Whether  to  automatically  issue passcodes in response to HTTPS
              requests made using a full X.509 certificate (not a GSI  proxy.)
              (Default: GridSiteAutoPasscode on)

       GridSiteRequirePasscode on|off
              Whether  to  require  passcode  cookies  when  processing  HTTPS
              requests made using a full X.509 certificate (not a GSI  proxy.)
              (Default: GridSiteRequirePasscode off)

       GridSiteZoneSlashes number
              How  many  slashes to include in passcode paths. The path is the
              prefix of REQUEST_URI that  includes  that  number  of  slashes.
              Path  matching  is  checked  by  mod_gridsite in addition to any
              selection of cookies by path made  by  the  browser.   (Default:
              GridSiteZoneSlashes 1)

       GridSiteAdminList uri
              All  members of the DN List with name "uri" receive the full set
              of  permissions,  irrespective  of  per-directory  .gacl  files.
              People  in  this  group  have  full control over the whole site.
              (Default: none)

       GridSiteGSIProxyLimit limit
              When using GSI Proxy credentials, proxies with delegation  depth
              greater   than   "limit"   will   be   ignored  by  mod_gridsite
              authorization decisions. A limit of zero implies only full X.509
              certificates  (and  no  proxies)  will be accepted. A limit of 1
              implies that only the initial  proxy,  usually  created  on  the
              user's own machine, is acceptable. Higher levels lead to proxies
              on remote machines, eg used by  running  jobs,  being  accepted.
              (Default: GridSiteGSIProxyLimit 1)

       GridSiteMethods [GET] [PUT] [DELETE] [MOVE]
              Specifies which HTTP methods are supported by GridSite. GET (and
              HEAD) are always supported. PUT and DELETE support is turned  on
              by  this  directive,  subject to a positive statement that write
              permission is allowed for the directory in question, by  a  GACL
              file.  (Default: GridSite GET)

       GridSiteDNlists directory1[:directory2[:directory3]...]
              Sets  up  the DN List path used by GACL for evaluating <dn-list>
              credentials. If this directive is not used, then GACL  will  use
              the  GRST_DN_LISTS  variable  from  Apache's own environment. If
              that is not  set  either,  then  /etc/grid-security/dn-lists  is
              searched.  (Default: none)

       GridSiteDNlistsURI uri
              If  GridSiteDNlistsURI is used, then the URI given appears to be
              populated with all the DN lists on the  current  DN  lists  path
              which   match   the   current   server.   That  is,  for  server
     with DN lists URI /dn-lists/, all DN  lists
              with  URLs starting will appear to
              be present in /dn-lists/, irrespective of where in the path they
              are stored.  (Default: none) <p>

       GridSiteAdminURI uri
              GridSiteAdminURI  gives  the  absolute  URI on the server of the
              GridSite Admin CGI program, which is used for  file  management,
              HTML  and  GACL editing. This should be used in conjunction with
              the standard Apache directive ScriptAlias to map that URI to the
              real-gridsite-admin.cgi executable. For example:

              ScriptAlias   /real-gridsite-admin.cgi   /PATH/TO/real-gridsite-

              This URI is always reached by an internal redirection  from  the
              value  set  by GridSiteAdminFile, and is never visible to users.
              (Default: none)

       GridSiteAdminFile cgifilename
              If  GridSiteAdminURI   is   set,   then   the   cgifilename   of
              GridSiteAdminFile  appears to be present in all directories when
              explicitly requested (it does not appear in directory listings.)
              Requests  for  these ghost CGI URIs are internally redirected to
              the value set by GridSiteAdminURI.  (Default:  GridSiteAdminFile

       GridSiteEnvs on|off
              This  makes  mod_gridsite  export  several  variables  into  the
              environment of CGI programs and other dynamic  content  systems.
              The  variable  names  are  listed  below. For gridsite-admin.cgi
              mechanism to work, this switch must be left in its default state
              of on.  (Default: GridSiteEnvs on)

       GridSiteEditable [ext1 [ext2 [ext3] ...]]]
              A  space-separated  list  of file extensions which can safely be
              edited by the GridSite  Text/HTML  editor.  The  extensions  are
              given  without the initial dot. This directive must apply to the
              gridsite-admin.cgi executable, rather than just to the files  it
              manages.    This    is   most   easily   achieved   by   placing
              GridSiteEditable in  the  main  section  of  the  virtual  host,
              outside   any   Directory  or  Location  containers.   (Default:
              GridSiteEditable txt shtml html htm css js php jsp)

       GridSiteHelpURI uri
              If set, gives the URI to use for "Website Help"  links  in  HTML
              page footers. (Default: none)

       GridSiteLoginURI uri
              If  set,  gives  the URI prefix to use for login/logout links in
              page footers. The text "Login/Logout" will  be  a  link  to  the
              prefix  followed  by  the  value  of REQUEST_URI for the page in
              question. (Default: none)

       GridSiteLink on|off
              Turns off the link in the HTML page footers which  gives  credit
              to GridSite.  (Default: GridSiteLink on)

       GridSiteUnzip path
              If "path" is set by this directive, then real-gridsite-admin.cgi
              will offer to list the contents of .zip archives on the  server.
              Users with write access are able to unpack the contents into the
              same directory as the .zip file. The value  of  &quot;path&quot;
              must point to the location of the unzip binary. (Default: none)

       GridSiteGridHTTP on|off
              Enable  GridHTTP  for  this server, virtual server or directory:
              HTTPS requests made with the header Upgrade:  GridHTTP/1.0  will
              be redirected to an HTTP version of the file. (Default: off)

       GridSiteGridHTTPport port
              Sets  the  port  to  use  for  the unencrypted HTTP component of
              GridHTTP HTTPS->HTTP transfers. The same setting  will  be  used
              for all virtual hosts which support GridHTTP. (Default: 777)

       GridSiteSessionsDir path
              Location  of  authentication cookies and SSL session credentials
              directory, relative to ServerRoot. Used by  GridHTTP  to  record
              the  credentials  obtained  via  HTTPS,  and  available  to  the
              corresponding  HTTP  request  or   subsequent   HTTPS   requests
              following a session restart.  (Default: /var/www/sessions)

       GridSiteACLFormat GACL|XACML
              Format  to  use  when  writing  .gacl  files.  (Both formats are
              automatically recognised when reading.) (Default: GACL)

       GridSiteACLPath path
              Specify the absolute or relative (to ServerRoot) path of the ACL
              file  governing this section of the server's URL space. This can
              be applied to virtual URL spaces provided by other modules, such
              as  DAV  or  SVN,  using the Apache <Location> container. If the
              path contains %0,  it  is  replaced  by  this  virtual  server's
              hostname.  If  it  contains  %1, %2, ... it is replaced with the
              1st, 2nd, ... component  of  the  request's  URI,  separated  by
              slashes and counting from immediately after the initial slash.

       GridSiteExecMethod nosetuid|suexec|X509DN|directory
              Execution  strategy for CGI scripts and executables. For options
              other than nosetuid, suexec  (or  gsexec  renamed  suexec)  must
              installed.  For  X509DN and directory, gsexec must be installed,
              as suexec. See gsexec(8) for an  explanation  of  the  different
              execution strategies.  (Default: nosetuid)

       GridSiteUserGroup user group
              Unix  user  and  group  when using suexec (or gsexec as suexec.)
              This is equivalent to the suexec SuexecUserGroup directive,  but
              can be specified on a per-directory basis. (Default: none)

       GridSiteDiskMode GroupNone|GroupRead|GroupWrite WorldNone|WorldRead
              The  file  creation  permissions  mode,  taking two arguments to
              specify  the  group  and  other  permissions.  The  mode  always
              includes  read  and  write  permission  for the CGI user itself.
              (Default: GroupNone WorldNone)

       GridSiteCastUniPort port
              The UDP unicast port to listen on for  HTCP  queries,  and  from
              which  to  send  replies  to HTCP unicast and multicast queries.
              Ideally, this should be  a  privileged  port  below  1024.  This
              directive may not appear within a virtual server. (Default: 777)

       GridSiteCastGroup group[:port]
              A  UDP multicast group on which to listen for HTCP queries, plus
              an optional port. If  no  port  is  given,  then  777  is  used.
              Multiple  GridSiteCastGroup directives can be given to cause the
              UDP responder to listen to more than one multicast  group.  This
              directive may not appear within a virtual server.

       GridSiteCastAlias URL-prefix path-prefix
              Maps  SiteCast  generic  URLs  to  the  local  filesystem.  When
              processing HTCP queries, matching SiteCast URLs will  have  URL-
              prefix  stripped  off and the remaining portion of the URL added
              to path-prefix to construct a local path and filename. If a file
              is  found  with  that  name,  a  SiteCast  HTCP response will be
              returned  to  the  querying  host.  Otherwise  the  queries  are
              ignored.   This directive may appear within virtual servers, and
              the virtual server's servername and first  port  will  determine
              the host and port name used to construct the transfer URL.


       The  following variables are present in the environment of CGI programs
       and other dynamic content systems if the GridSiteEnvs on  directive  is
       in effect.

              Numerical  value of the permission bit-map obtained by comparing
              the user with the GACL in force. (These should be  tested  using
              the GRSTgaclPermHasXXXX functions from GACL.)

              Value  of  GRIDHTTP_PASSCODE cookie that should be returned when
              using a double-submit cookie procedure to  guard  against  Cross
              Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks. This is only set if a valid
              passcode file was found in the server's sessions directory.

              URI of the DN List, listing people with  full  admin  and  write
              access to the whole site.

              Maximum valid delegation level for GSI Proxies.

              Absolute  path  in the local filesystem to the directory holding
              the file being requested.

              Present if a WebDAV Destination: header was given in the request
              with a local URL. Contains the translation of the URL given into
              an absolute path in the local filesystem.

              URI of website help pages set by GridSiteHelpURI directive.

              Filename  of  per-directory  ghost  gridsite-admin.cgi  program.
              (This  is  used by real-gridsite-admin.cgi to construct links in
              its pages.)

              Space-separated list of extensions which can  safely  be  edited
              with a Text/HTML editor.

              Filenames of standard header and footer files.

              DN lists search path.

              Directory of virtual URIs used to publish this site's DN Lists.

              Full  path  to the unzip(1) binary, used to list and unpack .zip

              If set, do not include credit links to GridSite in page footers.

              Format to use when writing .gacl files: either GACL or XACML.

              Specified  by  GridSiteExecMethod  either  suexec,   X509DN   or

              The  directory  containing the CGI script or executable (used by
              gsexec to determine which  pool  account  to  use  in  directory
              mapping mode.)

              The  Apache  disk  permission modes bit pattern, in hexadecimal,
              starting with 0x.  (Similar to the Unix bit pattern, except with
              hexadecimal  rather than octal values: eg 0x600 [Apache] vs 0600
              [Unix] are both read/write for user only.)


       Andrew McNab <>

       mod_gridsite is part of GridSite:


       htcp(1), httpd(8), gsexec(8)