Provided by: ax25-tools_0.0.10-rc4-1_amd64 bug


       nrattach - Start a NET/ROM interface


       nrattach [-i inetaddr] [-m mtu] [-v] port


       Nrattach  takes  many  of the parameters for the port from the nrports(5) file. The paclen
       parameter is used for the device mtu unless overridden by a value on the command line. The
       port argument is the name of a port as given in the nrports(5) file.

       Nrattach  tries  to  find the first free NET/ROM device in the system. The devices checked
       are nr0, nr1, nr2 and nr3 in that order. If no free NET/ROM device is available  an  error
       is generated and the program terminates.


       -i inetaddr     Set  the  internet  address of the interface. This address may either be a
                       dotted decimal address or a host name.

       -m mtu          Sets the mtu of the interface. If this value is not given then  the  value
                       is taken from the paclen parameter in nrports.

       -v              Display the version.


       netrom(4), nrparms(4), nrports(5), ifconfig(8).


       The  program  can be run many times with the same arguments creating many instances of the
       same attributes on different devices. Not a good idea.


       Jonathan Naylor G4KLX <>