Provided by: puppet-common_3.8.5-2_all bug


       puppet-inspect - Send an inspection report


       Prepares and submits an inspection report to the puppet master.


       puppet inspect [--archive_files] [--archive_file_server]


       This  command uses the cached catalog from the previous run of ´puppet agent´ to determine
       which attributes of which resources  have  been  marked  as  auditable  with  the  ´audit´
       metaparameter.  It  then examines the current state of the system, writes the state of the
       specified resource attributes to a report, and submits the report to the puppet master.

       Puppet inspect does not run as a daemon, and must be run manually or from cron.


       Any configuration setting which is valid in the configuration file is also  a  valid  long
       argument,  e.g.  ´´. See the configuration file documentation at  for  the  full  list   of
       acceptable settings.

              During  an  inspect  run,  whether to archive files whose contents are audited to a
              file bucket.

              During an inspect run, the file bucket server to archive files to if  archive_files
              is set. The default value is ´$server´.


       Puppet Labs


       Copyright (c) 2011 Puppet Labs, LLC Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License