Provided by: infiniband-diags_1.6.6-1_amd64 bug


       RDMA-NDD - RDMA device Node Description update daemon


       rdma-ndd <options>


       rdma-ndd  is a system daemon which watches for rdma device changes and/or hostname changes
       and updates the Node Description of the rdma devices based on those changes.


       Full operation of this daemon  requires  kernels  which  support  polling  of  the  procfs
       hostname file as well as libudev.

       If  your  system  does  not support either of these features, the daemon will set the Node
       Descriptions at start up and then sleep forever.

   Node Description format
       The daemon uses the nd_format configuration option within the ibdiags.conf file.   %h  and
       %d  can  be  used as wildcards in that string to specify the dynamic use of <hostname> and
       <device> respectively.

       NOTE: At startup and on new device detection the Node Description  is  always  written  to
       ensure  the  SM  and  this daemon are in sync.  Subsequent events will only write the Node
       Description on a device if it has changed.


       --retry_timer, -t Length of time to sleep when system errors occur when attempting to poll
       and or read the hostname from the system.

       --retry_count,  -r  Number of times to attempt to retry setting of the node description on
       failure.  Default 0

       --foreground, -f Run in the foreground instead of as a daemon

       --pidfile <pidfile> specify a pid file (daemon mode only)

   Configuration flags
       --config, -z  <config_file> Specify alternate config file.
          Default: /etc/infiniband-diags/ibdiag.conf

   Debugging flags
       -h, --help      show the usage message

       -V, --version     show the version info.



       A global config file is provided to set some of the common options  for  all  tools.   See
       supplied config file for details.


       Ira Weiny
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