Provided by: refdb-server_1.0.2-3ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       refdb-init - RefDB setup script




       refdb-init is an interactive shell script that guides the system administrator through the
       initial setup of RefDB(7). refdb-init asks all necessary questions and performs all
       necessary checks before any changes are committed. Your confirmation is required before
       your system will be touched. As many of the operations performed by this script require
       root permission, you have to run this script from a privileged account.

       While refdb-init does check for an existing installation of RefDB and offers to back up
       existing configuration files, it is not yet designed to upgrade an installation
       appropriately. If used to upgrade an existing installation, the administrator is
       responsible to back up and restore data that may be overwritten during the setup.

       refdb-init performs the following tasks (you can interactively skip some of the tasks):

       ·   Creates the main database refdb for the selected database engine. If a copy of the
           main database already exists, it asks for permission to delete this database before

       ·   Creates a configuration file for refdbd(1), the RefDB application server. If the file
           already exists, it will keep a copy of this version.

       ·   Creates a configuration file for refdba(1), the RefDB administrative client, in the
           current login account. If the file already exists, it will keep a copy of this

       ·   Starts refdbd, the RefDB application server

       ·   Loads the bibliography and citation styles shipped with RefDB

       ·   Creates a reference database

       ·   Creates a database user with permissions to work with the reference database


           The configuration file for refdbd

           The configuration file for refdba for the root account


       RefDB (7), refdbd (1).

       RefDB manual (local copy) PREFIX/share/doc/refdb-<version>/refdb-manual/index.html

       RefDB manual (web) <>

       RefDB on the web <>


       refdb-init was written by Markus Hoenicka <>.