Provided by: freeradius-common_2.2.8+dfsg-0.1build2_all bug


       rlm_dbm_parser - transforms simple syntax into rlm_dbm format


       rlm_dbm_parser  [-c]  [-d  raddb]  [-i inputfile] [-o outputfile] [-x] [-v] [-q] [username


       rlm_dbm_parser reads a file of the syntax defined below, and writes a database file usable
       by rlm_dbm or edits current database.


       rlm_dbm_parser  reads  a format similar to the one used by the files module. In incomplete
       RFC2234 ABNF, it looks like this:

       entries     = *entry
       entry       = identifier TAB definition
       identifier  = username / group-name
       username    = +PCHAR
       groupname   = +PCHAR
       definition  = (check-item ",")* LF ( *( reply-item ",") / ";" ) LF
       check-item  = AS IN FILES
       reply-item  = AS IN FILES
       * need definition of username and groupname

       As an example, these are the standard files definitions (files module).

       DEFAULT   Service-Type == Framed-User
                 Framed-IP-Address =,
                 Framed-MTU = 576,
                 Service-Type = Framed-User,
                 Fall-Through = Yes

       #except who call from number 555-666
       DEFAULT   Auth-Type := Reject,Service-Type ==Framed-User,
                 Calling-Station-ID == "555-666"

       #or call number 555-667
       DEFAULT   Auth-Type := Reject,Service-Type ==Framed-User,
                 Calling-Station-ID == "555-667"

       To be a valid rlm_dbm input file, it should look like this:

       DEFAULT   Service-Type == Framed-User                     # (1)
                 Framed-IP-Address =,            # comma, list cont'd
                 Framed-MTU = 576,
                 Service-Type = Framed-User,
                 Fall-Through =  Yes                             # \n, end of list
                 Auth-Type := Reject,Service-Type ==Framed-User, # (2)
                 Calling-Station-ID == "555-666"
                 ;                                               # ;, no reply items
                 Auth-Type := Reject,Service-Type ==Framed-User, # (3)
                 Calling-Station-ID == "555-667"
                 ;                                               # ditto

       This user (the DEFAULT user) contains three entries, 1, 2 and 3. The  first  entry  has  a
       list  of reply items, terminated by a reply item without a trailing comma. Entries 2 and 3
       has empty reply lists, as indicated by the semicolon. This is  necessary  to  separate  an
       empty  line (which is ignored) from the empty list.  Definition Fall-Through = Yes used in
       order to say module to check next record. By default Fall-Through = Yes.


       -d raddb
              Use raddb as the radiusd configuration directory.

       -i inputfile
              Use file as the input file. If not defined then use standard input.

       -o outputfile
              Use file as the output file.

       -c     Create a new database (empty output file before writing)

       -x     Enable debug mode. Multiple x flags increase debug level.

       -q     Do not print statistics (quiet).

       -v     Print the version and exit.

       -r     Remove a username or group name from the database.




              Andrei Koulik <>

              Bjørn Nordbø  <>