Provided by: ryu-bin_3.30+dfsg1-1ubuntu2_all bug


       ryu-manager - management for Ryu application


       ryu-manager   [-h]   [--app-lists  APP_LISTS]  [--ca-certs  CA_CERTS]  [--config-dir  DIR]
       [--config-file     PATH]     [--ctl-cert     CTL_CERT]     [--ctl-privkey     CTL_PRIVKEY]
       [--default-log-level     DEFAULT_LOG_LEVEL]     [--explicit-drop]    [--install-lldp-flow]
       [--log-config-file   LOG_CONFIG_FILE]   [--log-dir    LOG_DIR]    [--log-file    LOG_FILE]
       [--log-file-mode    LOG_FILE_MODE]    [--neutron-admin-auth-url    NEUTRON_ADMIN_AUTH_URL]
       [--neutron-admin-password       NEUTRON_ADMIN_PASSWORD]       [--neutron-admin-tenant-name
       NEUTRON_ADMIN_TENANT_NAME]        [--neutron-admin-username        NEUTRON_ADMIN_USERNAME]
       [--neutron-auth-strategy         NEUTRON_AUTH_STRATEGY]         [--neutron-controller-addr
       NEUTRON_CONTROLLER_ADDR]      [--neutron-url      NEUTRON_URL]      [--neutron-url-timeout
       NEUTRON_URL_TIMEOUT]   [--noexplicit-drop]   [--noinstall-lldp-flow]   [--noobserve-links]
       [--nouse-stderr]   [--nouse-syslog]   [--noverbose]  [--observe-links]  [--ofp-listen-host
       OFP_LISTEN_HOST]   [--ofp-ssl-listen-port   OFP_SSL_LISTEN_PORT]    [--ofp-tcp-listen-port
       OFP_TCP_LISTEN_PORT]  [--use-stderr]  [--use-syslog] [--verbose] [--version] [--wsapi-host
       WSAPI_HOST]     [--wsapi-port     WSAPI_PORT]     [--test-switch-dir      TEST-SWITCH_DIR]
       [--test-switch-target  TEST-SWITCH_TARGET]  [--test-switch-tester TEST-SWITCH_TESTER] [app
       [app ...]]


       ryu-manager is the executable for Ryu applications. ryu-manager loads Ryu applications and
       run it.

       Ryu  is  a  component-based  software  defined networking framework. Ryu provides software
       components with well defined API that make it easy for developers to  create  new  network
       management  and control applications.  Ryu supports various protocols for managing network
       devices, such as OpenFlow, Netconf, OF-config, etc. About  OpenFlow,  Ryu  supports  fully
       1.0, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and Nicira Extensions.


       app    application module name to run

       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       --app-lists APP_LISTS
              application module name to run

       --ca-certs CA_CERTS
              CA certificates

       --config-dir DIR
              Path  to a config directory to pull *.conf files from.  This file set is sorted, so
              as to provide a predictable parse order if individual options are over-ridden.  The
              set  is  parsed  after  the file(s) specified via previous --config-file, arguments
              hence over-ridden options in the directory take precedence.

       --config-file PATH
              Path to a config file to use. Multiple config files can be specified,  with  values
              in later files taking precedence. The default files used are: None

       --ctl-cert CTL_CERT
              controller certificate

       --ctl-privkey CTL_PRIVKEY
              controller private key

       --default-log-level DEFAULT_LOG_LEVEL
              default log level

              link discovery: explicitly drop lldp packet in

              link discovery: explicitly install flow entry to send lldp packet to controller

       --log-config-file LOG_CONFIG_FILE
              Path to a logging config file to use

       --log-dir LOG_DIR
              log file directory

       --log-file LOG_FILE
              log file name

       --log-file-mode LOG_FILE_MODE
              default log file permission

       --neutron-admin-auth-url NEUTRON_ADMIN_AUTH_URL
              auth url for connecting to neutron in admin context

       --neutron-admin-password NEUTRON_ADMIN_PASSWORD
              password for connecting to neutron in admin context

       --neutron-admin-tenant-name NEUTRON_ADMIN_TENANT_NAME
              tenant name for connecting to neutron in admin context

       --neutron-admin-username NEUTRON_ADMIN_USERNAME
              username for connecting to neutron in admin context

       --neutron-auth-strategy NEUTRON_AUTH_STRATEGY
              auth strategy for connecting to neutron in admincontext

       --neutron-controller-addr NEUTRON_CONTROLLER_ADDR
              openflow method:address:port to set controller ofovs bridge

       --neutron-url NEUTRON_URL
              URL for connecting to neutron

       --neutron-url-timeout NEUTRON_URL_TIMEOUT
              timeout value for connecting to neutron in seconds

              The inverse of --explicit-drop

              The inverse of --install-lldp-flow

              The inverse of --observe-links

              The inverse of --use-stderr

              The inverse of --use-syslog

              The inverse of --verbose

              observe link discovery events.

       --ofp-listen-host OFP_LISTEN_HOST
              openflow listen host

       --ofp-ssl-listen-port OFP_SSL_LISTEN_PORT
              openflow ssl listen port

       --ofp-tcp-listen-port OFP_TCP_LISTEN_PORT
              openflow tcp listen port

              log to standard error

              output to syslog

              show debug output

              show program's version number and exit

       --wsapi-host WSAPI_HOST
              webapp listen host

       --wsapi-port WSAPI_PORT
              webapp listen port

       --test-switch-dir TEST-SWITCH_DIR
              test files directory

       --test-switch-target TEST-SWITCH_TARGET
              target sw dp-id

       --test-switch-tester TEST-SWITCH_TESTER
              tester sw dp-id


       Ryu development team


       2011-2014 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation