Provided by: shinken-common_2.4.1-1_all bug


       shinken-arbiter - Shinken arbiter daemon


          shinken-arbiter   [-dr]   [-c  CONFIGFILE]  [--debugfile  DEBUGFILE]
          shinken-arbiter -v [-c CONFIGFILE]


       Shinken arbiter daemon

       The shinken-arbiter daemon reads the  configuration,  divides  it  into
       parts (N schedulers = N parts), and distributes them to the appropriate
       Shinken  daemons.   Additionally,  it  manages  the  high  availability
       features:  if  a particular daemon dies, it re-routes the configuration
       managed by this failed  daemon to the configured  spare.   Finally,  it
       receives  input  from users (such as external commands from nagios.cmd)
       and routes them to the appropriate daemon. There can only be one active
       arbiter in the architecture.


          -v, --verify-config
                 Verify config file and exit

          -c CONFIGFILE, --config=CONFIGFILE
                 Config  file  (your  nagios.cfg). Multiple -c can be used, it
                 will be like if all files was just one

          -d, --daemon
                 Run in daemon mode

          -r, --replace
                 Replace previous running arbiter

          -h, --help
                 Show this help message

                 Show program's version number

                 Enable debug logging to DEBUGFILE

          -p PROFILE, --profile=PROFILE
                 Dump a profile file. Need the python cProfile librairy

          -a ANALYSE, --analyse=ANALYSE
                 Dump an analyse statistics file, for support

          -m MIGRATE, --migrate=MIGRATE
                 Migrate the raw configuration read from the arbier to another
                 module. --> VERY EXPERIMENTAL!

          -n ARB_NAME, --name=ARB_NAME
                 Give  the  arbiter  name  to  use.  Optionnal,  will  use the
                 hostaddress if not provide to find it.


       Michael Leinartas, Arthur Gautier, David Hannequin, Thibault Cohen