Provided by: tripwire_2.4.2.2-5_amd64 bug


       siggen - signature gathering routine for Tripwire


       siggen [ options... ] file1 [ file2... ]


            -t         --terse
            -h         --hexadecimal
            -a         --all
            -C         --CRC32
            -M         --MD5
            -S         --SHA
            -H         --HAVAL


       siggen is a utility that displays the hash function values for the specified files.


       -t, --terse
              Terse  mode.   Prints  requested  hashes for a given file on one line, delimited by
              spaces, with no extraneous information.

       -h, --hexadecimal
              Display results in hexadecimal rather than base64 notation.

       -a, --all
              Display all hash function values (default).

       -C, --CRC32
              Display CRC-32, POSIX 1003.2 compliant 32-bit Cyclic Redundancy Check.

       -M, --MD5
              Display MD5, the RSA Data Security, Inc. Message Digest Algorithm.

       -S, --SHA
              Display SHA, Tripwire's implementation of the NIST Secure Hash Standard, SHS  (NIST
              FIPS 180).

       -H, --HAVAL
              Display Haval value, a 128-bit hash code.

       file1 [ file2... ]
              List of filesystem objects for which to display values.


       This man page describes siggen version 2.4.


       Tripwire, Inc.


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       Copyright 2000 Tripwire, Inc. Tripwire is a registered trademark of Tripwire, Inc. in  the
       United States and other countries. All rights reserved.


       twintro(8), tripwire(8), twadmin(8), twprint(8), twconfig(4), twpolicy(4), twfiles(5)

                                           1 July 2000                                  SIGGEN(8)