Provided by: cyrus-common_2.4.18-3_amd64 bug


       SMMAPD - Sendmail socket map daemon


       smmapd [ -C config-file ] [ -U uses ] [ -T timeout ]
              [ -D ]


       SMMAPD  is  a  Sendmail  socket  map  daemon  which is used to verify that a Cyrus mailbox
       exists, that it is postable and it is under quota.  It accepts commands  on  its  standard
       input  and responds on its standard output.  It MUST be invoked by cyrmaster(8) with those
       descriptors attached to a remote client connection.

       SMMAPD reads its configuration options out of  the  imapd.conf(5)  file  unless  specified
       otherwise by -C.


       -C config-file
              Read configuration options from config-file.

       -U uses
              The  maximum  number  of  times that the process should be used for new connections
              before shutting down.  The default is 250.

       -T timeout
              The number of seconds that the process  will  wait  for  a  new  connection  before
              shutting  down.   Note  that  a  value  of  0 (zero) will disable the timeout.  The
              default is 60.

       -D     Run external debugger specified in debug_command.


              Default configuration file.

              Cyrus Master process configuration file.