Provided by: torrus-common_2.08-4_all bug


       configsnapshot - Generates a configuration snapshot for a Torrus tree.


       torrus configsnapshot --tree=TREENAME [options...]


       This command generates a configuration snapshot from current datasources for tree
       TREENAME. The output is an XML file, ready for compilation, representing all datasources,
       monitors and tokensets of a given tree. The snapshot does not include view definitions.
       Templates and file patterns are expanded inside the file. It does not require any other
       XML configuration files, except for defaults.xml and your custom view definitions.

       Warning: "configsnapshot" from RRFW release 0.1.5 will not work correctly with databases
       from previous releases. Use RRFW release "0.1.4bf2" instead.  "configsnapshot" utility
       from RRFW release 0.1.4bf2 does not preserve aliases.

       This utility is useful in Torrus upgrade process. In case when RRD files structure is
       changing in Torrus default templates, and user(s) demand to preserve the historical data,
       the following steps could be done:

       ·   Stop the collector and monitor processes.

       ·   Install newest Torrus software and do not run "compilexml" immediately.

       ·   Create snapshots of the trees that you want to preserve for historical reasons:

             torrus configsnapshot --tree=myrouters \

       ·   If needed, move the existing RRD files into different directory. Then change the
           "data-dir" parameters in the snapshot XML accordingly.

       ·   Create a new tree with only the snapshot file in it. Compile the tree.

       ·   At this stage, it is up to the user to decide wether to continue running the collector
           and monitor daemons for this new tree. The old data may be preserved for historical
           reference, and collector may be run with the newest tree structure and definitions.


           Mandatory parameter specifying the tree name.

           Sets the output file to FILE. Default is snapshot.xml.

       --param=PARAM  --value=VALUE
           Sets the filter on datasource leaves that have to be included in the snapshot.  PARAM
           specifies the name of the datasource parameter, and VALUE sets the matching value. By
           default the numeric comparison is performed.

           Sets the fiter comparison operator. Accepted values: = (numeric), eq (text string
           comparison), and re (regular expression match). Default is numeric comparison.

           Displays some extra information.

           Displays a help message.


           XML configuration file with default settings for the datasources and tokensets, as
           well as default view definitions.

           Default configsnapshot output file.


       torrus(8), torrus_compilexml(8)


       See more documentation at Torrus home page:


       Stanislav Sinyagin <>