Provided by: vzstats_0.5.3-1_all bug


       vzstats - report OpenVZ usage statistics


       vzstats --view|--status
       vzstats --enable|--disable
       vzstats --help


       Utility  vzstats,  installed  on  an  OpenVZ  server,  periodically  collects  some  usage
       statistics  and  sends  it  to  the  OpenVZ  stats  server,,  for
       processing  and analysis. Aggregated statistics from all reports are available through the
       web interface.

       Statistics reported include some basic hardware information (CPU,  RAM,  file  system  and
       disk  space  usage  for  /vz), software information (distribution version, kernel version,
       OpenVZ software versions), and some  OpenVZ-specific  information  (number  of  containers
       running/total,  number  of  containers  using  vswap  and  ploop, used OS templates etc.).
       Information submission is anonymous; information that can be used to directly  identify  a
       particular host (i.e. MAC or IP addresses, hostnames etc.) is not being reported.

       For  the  server  to anonymously identify reports from the same client, a unique random ID
       (UUID v4) is requested from the server during the first vzstats  run.  It  is  then  saved
       locally and used when sending reports.

       If  run  without  any  options  and  unless disabled, vzstats runs report scripts found in
       REPDIR (defined in vzstats.conf, default is /usr/lib/vzstats), collects their  output  and
       sends it, as a tarball, to stats server.


       In  case any option is provided, no report is being send, instead an action denoted by the
       option is performed.

       The following options are supported:

       --view Collect but do not send report,  giving  a  user  an  ability  to  see  what  exact
              information would be send.

              Output current vzstats configuration, including:
              · current version number;
              · status (enabled or disabled);
              · an URL used to submit reports to;
              · vzstats UUID;
              · report scripts directory.

              Disable  reporting.  This  is performed by creating a marker file, /etc/vz/vzstats-
              disable.  vzstats checks this file upon start, and exits if it is present.

              Re-enable reporting.

       --help Show usage.






       Copyright (C) 2013, Parallels, Inc. Licensed under GNU GPL.