Provided by: yate-dev_5.4.0-1-1ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       yate-config - retrieve metainformation about the YATE telephony engine


       yate-config [options]


       The  yate-config  program is used to retrieve information about the installed YATE engine.
       It is typically used to compile and link modules against the engine's library.

       Here is a typical usage scenario in a Makefile:

       module.yate: module.cpp
           g++ `yate-config --c-all --ldflags` module.cpp `yate-config --libs`


   Version and paths
              Reports the installed YATE version (in x.y.z format)

              Reports the installed YATE code status (if not release) and release number

              Returns the configuration files directory

              Returns the modules directory

              Returns the base shared directory

              Returns the scripts directory

              Returns the base skins directory

   Compiler flags
              Various C++ compiler flags

              Include option and path to the header files

              All compiler options - the above two concatenated

   Linker flags
              Various linker flags

       --libs Library option and libraries names

              All linker options - the above two concatenated


       Paul Chitescu <>
       Diana Cionoiu <>


       yate(8), pkg-config(1)