Provided by: zoneminder_1.29.0+dfsg-1ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       zmstreamer - eyeZM video streamer


        zmstreamer -e <mode>
        zmstreamer -o <format>
        zmstreamer -u <buffer size>
        zmstreamer -f <maximum fps>
        zmstreamer -s <scale>
        zmstreamer -b <bitrate in bps>
        zmstreamer -m <monitor id>
        zmstreamer -d <debug mode>
        zmstreamer -i
        zmstreamer -?
        zmstreamer -h
        zmstreamer -v


       *DEPRECIATED* The xml skin and all files associated with the xml skin are now depreciated.
       Please use the ZoneMinder API instead.

       This binary works in conjunction with the XML skin to stream video to iPhones running the
       eyeZm app.


        -e <mode>                        - Specify output mode: mpeg/jpg/zip/single/raw.
        -o <format>                      - Specify output format.
        -u <buffer size>                 - Specify buffer size in ms.
        -f <maximum fps>                 - Specify maximum framerate.
        -s <scale>                       - Specify scale.
        -b <bitrate in bps>              - Specify bitrate.
        -m <monitor id>                  - Specify monitor id.
        -d <debug mode>                  - 0 = off, 1 = no streaming, 2 = with streaming.
        -i, -?, -h                       - Display usage information
        -v                               - Print the installed version of ZoneMinder

                                            2016-04-05                   zoneminder-zmstreamer(8)