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       driverless - PPD generator utility for driverless printing


       driverless [-h | --help | --version] [-d | -v | --debug] [list] | [cat driver URI] | [IPP printer URI]


       driverless  generates  PPD  files  for printers which are designed for driverless printing
       (currently IPP Everywhere and AirPrint printers) by polling  capability  information  from
       the printers via IPP. it can be either called for listing suitable printers in the network
       and for actually generating the PPD. It can also be called by CUPS when  CUPS  is  listing
       available  PPDs/drivers  or creating print queues, making the setup of driverless printers
       with printer setup tools transparently working.

       driverless is placed in /usr/lib/cups/driver/  for  listing  available  driverless-capable
       printers  and  generating  PPDs  for them. It should also be put in /usr/lib/cups/backend/
       (preferably by a symbolic link) to list IPP device URIs  for  suitable  printers.  Printer
       setup  tools  like system-config-printer, the CUPS web interface at http://localhost:631/,
       and CUPS'  command  line  utilities  can  use  driverless  with  CUPS  to  list  available
       driverless-capable  printers,  determine their IPP device URIs and generate PPDs for them.
       The printers will be automatically and correctly set up for driverless printing. Note that
       driverless printing requires IPP communication with the printer.

       A second symbolic link to /usr/lib/cups/driver/driverless from /usr/bin/ allows driverless
       to be called directly by a user.


       -h, --help, --version
              Show help page, including version number.

       -v, -d, --debug
              Debug mode, verbose logging to stderr.

       list   List the driver URIs and metadata for  all  available  IPP  printers  suitable  for
              driverless PPD file generation (to be used by CUPS).

       cat driver URI
              Generate  the PPD file for the supplied driver URI from the output of "list" (to be
              used by CUPS).

       IPP printer URI
              Generate the PPD file for the supplied IPP printer URI (suitable  URIs  are  listed
              when calling driverless without options).

       When  called  without  options, the IPP printer URIs of all available IPP printers will be


       cups-browsed(8), ippfind(1)


       The authors of driverless are listed in /usr/share/doc/cups-filters/AUTHORS.

                                           27 Dec 2016                              driverless(1)