Provided by: ants_2.2.0-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       ANTSIntegrateVectorField - part of ANTS registration suite


       ANTSIntegrateVectorField       VecImageIN.nii.gz       ROIMaskIN.nii.gz      FibersOUT.vtk


              The vector field should have vectors as voxels ,  the  ROI  is  an  integer  image,
              fibers out will be vtk text files ....

              ROI-Mask controls where the integration is performed and the start point region ...

              e.g.  the  brain  will  have value 1 , the ROI has value 2 , then all starting seed
              points for the integration will start in the region labeled 2 and be constrained to
              the region labeled 1.