Provided by: afterstep_2.2.12-11.1_amd64 bug


       ASDatabase - defines how windows should be treated by AfterStep depending on its name


       Style "WM_NAME" option[s]

              The  "WM_NAME"  can  be  the  window's  name, class or resource string. It can also
              contain wildcards such as "*" or "?", which are matched in the usual UNIX  filename
              manner.  Using  the standard X11 xprop(1) command at a command prompt or the Window
              Properties menu item entry under Desktop menu entry will return  this  (and  other)

              The  option[s]  is  a  comma  separated list containing all or some of the keywords
              found in the Style definition .

              If conflicting style options are specified, the last one will be used.

              This file contains window properties for application windows which  controls  their
              "behavior" within afterstep .