Provided by: click-apparmor_0.3.18_amd64 bug


       aa-exec-click - program for executing click packages under confinement


       This program is used to execute click package under AppArmor confinement. It is a thin wrapper around the aa-exec command which sets up the environment that is needed to run a click application under confinement.


       aa-exec-click -p <PROFILE NAME> [ -x ] [aa-exec options] -- COMMAND


       -h     show program's help

       -p PROFILE NAME
              AppArmor profile the application should run under

       -x     Force  running  application  under  X.  Click  packages are typically considered untrusted and are usually required to run under confinement. At this time, running untrusted click applications under X is not
              considered safe because of limitations in the X protocol. By default, aa-exec-click will refuse to launch applications if they are running under X.


       aa-exec(8), apparmor(7)