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       aldo -  A fully console morse code trainer written in ISO C++.




       Aldo  is  developed  from  scratch  in  ISO  C++  using GNU C++ Standard Library and libao
       It is a morse code learning tool which provides four type of training methods:

               Identify blocks of random characters played in morse code.

               Two morse characters will be played at full speed (20wpm)
               until you'll be able to identify at least 90 percent of them.
               After that, one more character will be added, and so on.

               Identify played characters generated from a file.

               Identify random callsigns played in morse code.


       The "Device" option under the keyer depends  on  the  particular  driver.   The  "default"
       setting  picks  the  default  sound  device.   This option may be used to pick a different
       soundcard than the default one.

       For alsa, it is "hw:<card>,<device>", where the card and device number are the  particular
       hardware devices.  The default is generally "hw:0.0".  Generally 0 is the first card, 1 is
       the second, etc.  Some sound cards may have multiple output devices, the device picks  the
       particular one.

       For oss, sun, and aixs, it is the device name, like /dev/dsp.

       For esd, it is the host name, like "".

       It is not used on any other drivers.


       This  manual  page  was written by Giuseppe Martino <>, for the Debian
       project (but may be used by others).

                                           Nov 20, 2004                                   ALDO(1)