Provided by: antennavis_0.3.1-4build1_amd64 bug


       antennavis - Antenna Radiation Pattern Visualization Software




       Antennavis  lets  the user fly around and view antenna systems and their patterns from any
       angle in 3D. There are several means of viewing the patterns, through rendered,  variable-
       size cubes, smooth shaded polygonal surface approximations, and color-mapped spheres.

       Antennavis  works  together  with  nec2.  Nec2  simulates  the electromagnetic response of
       antennas and metal structures and can be called from within  antennavis.  Antennavis  then
       uses the TkAnt OpenGL widget to render the nec output.


       The  program  was  originally  developed by Kenneth Harker WM5R and Adrian Agogino.  It is
       currently maintained by Nanakos Chrysostomos,