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       antsAI - part of ANTS registration suite



              Program  to  calculate  the  optimallinear  transform  parameters  for aligning two

       -d, --dimensionality 2/3

              This option forces the image to be treated as a specified-dimensional image. If not
              specified, we try to infer the dimensionality from the input image.

       -m,                                                                               --metric


              These  image  metrics  are  available:  MI:  joint  histogram  and  Mattes:  mutual
              information and GC: global correlation.

       -t, --transform Rigid[gradientStep]
              Affine[gradientStep] Similarity[gradientStep]

              Several  transform  options  are  available.  The  gradientStep   or   learningRate
              characterizes  the  gradient  descent  optimization and is scaled appropriately for
              each transform using the shift scales estimator.

       -p, --align-principal-axes

              Boolean indicating alignment by principal axes. Alternatively, one can align  using
              blobs (see -b option).

       -b, --align-blobs numberOfBlobsToExtract

              Boolean  indicating alignment by a set of blobs. Alternatively, one can align using
              blobs (see -p option).

       -s, --search-factor searchFactor

              Incremental search factor (in degrees) which will sample the  arc  fraction  around
              the principal axis or default axis.

       -c, --convergence numberOfIterations

              Number of iterations.

       -x, --masks fixedImageMask


              Image masks to limit voxels considered by the metric.

       -o, --output outputFileName

              Specify the output transform (output format an ITK .mat file).

       -v, --verbose (0)/1

              Verbose output.


              Print the help menu (short version).


              Print the help menu.  <VALUES>: 1