Provided by: ants_2.2.0-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       antsAlignOrigin - part of ANTS registration suite



              antsAlignOrigin,  applied to an input image, transforms it according to a reference
              image and a transform (or a set of transforms).

       -d, --dimensionality 2/3

              This option forces the image to be treated as a specified-dimensional image. If not
              specified, antsWarp tries to infer the dimensionality from the input image.

       -i, --input inputFileName

              Currently, the only input objects supported are image objects. However, the current
              framework allows for warping of other objects such as meshes and point sets.

       -r, --reference-image imageFileName

              For warping input images, the reference image defines the  spacing,  origin,  size,
              and direction of the output warped image.

       -o, --output warpedOutputFileName


              One can either output the warped image or, if the boolean is set, one can print out
              the displacement field based on thecomposite transform and the reference image.


              Print the help menu (short version).  <VALUES>: 0


              Print the help menu.  <VALUES>: 1, 0